Client Testimonials

“The attention and care we received from Ms. Gomes while going through our foreclosure process truly made us feel confident and comfortable with any suggestions she provided.  Having Ms. Gomes on our side to help us navigate our options, both best and worst case, allowed us to be informed and we began to have a little more hope.  Thankfully, with her help, we were able to keep that hope alive, staying in our home, and our family cannot be more grateful for her representation.” — L.C.


“After being recommended to the Law Office of Heather Gomes, concerning a legal mortgage matter, I was unsure as to what kind of person I would encounter in terms of her services or expertise.  Considering I am one who is not easily impressed by people, because I judge on character alone. Truly, I must admit that my experience with Heather Gomes, would be summed up in three words..Professional, Personable, and Purposeful…oh how about four.  She was very patient with the process.  I would highly recommend her services. Thank you Heather and may God continue to bless your business as you serve others during their time of hardship.”ANITA N.


“Ms. Gomes was extremely helpful and dignifying in a very difficult time in my life. She informed me of all of my options and kept me up to date as to what was to be expected through my bankruptcy. While it was not the route I saw my life taking, Ms. Gomes never looked down on me or gave me reason to feel embarrassed. I am forever grateful that she was my lawyer and able to represent me.”   — CARLY A.


“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you undertook on my behalf. This was an effort that saw me through a very rough path in my life. With your gracious legal expertise in averting my imminent Foreclosure, you enabled me to stay in my house along with my two daughters. For fifteen good years these girls have had fun cherished memories growing up in this house and all of that could have come crashing down without you. You certainly pulled off an astonishing feat that has left us all eternally grateful. Through your timely intervention my older daughter stayed comfortably with me until she set off for college this school year (2015). Thanks for helping me to keep my family together. You were simply God sent at the right time!” — M.K.